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Founded in 1995, Xipu Biology is a national high-tech enterprise, based on the application of modern biological engineering technology, committed to the research and development, production and sales of probiotics, fermentation, hydrolysis/enzymatic hydrolysis, baking animal and plant feed materials, and predigested biological feed. After more than 20 years of development, Biotechnology has started eight base: Xinjiang Xipu biotechnology co., LTD., Xinjiang Xipu biotechnology co., LTD. (new) branch, Guangdong heap biotechnology co., LTD., Anhui Xipu biological technology co., LTD., Hubei Xipu biological technology co., LTD., Weifang Xipu biological technology co., LTD., Maoming Xipu, Qingyuan Xipu biological technology co., LTD .,

2002, passed ISO international Quality management system certification; In 2004, it was recognized as a high-tech enterprise of Guangzhou. In 2005, HACCP food Safety Management system certification; In 2006, it was rated as the National Excellent Enterprise of Feed additive Science and technology Innovation; In 2009, it was recognized as a national high-tech enterprise; In 2000, it became a famous trademark enterprise in Guangdong Province and was recognized by guangzhou Municipal Enterprise Technology Center. In 2015, certified by Guangdong Xipu Biological Fermented Feed Engineering Technology Research Center, li Defa Biological academician expert workstation was established; In 2016, it has passed the key leading enterprise of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps of Agricultural industrialization; In 1900, it became the national enterprise technology center. In 2000, it was recognized as a key agricultural leading enterprise in Guangdong Province. In 2001, Guangdong Doctor workstation was approved to be established.

We have been focusing on predigestion of feed raw materials for a long time and have three core technological advantages -- fermentation, hydrolysis/enzymatic hydrolysis and baking. Through predigestion of feed raw materials in vitro, we can improve feed digestibility and promote animal nutrition and health care. Ship Bio focuses on biotechnology and develops a series of products such as probiotics, fermented soybean meal, fermented cottonseed protein, yeast culture, baked soybeans, cotton kernel cake (meal), pea meal, corn meal, pre-gelatinized rice, hydrolyzed fish protein meal, cottonseed enzyme hydrolyzed protein, soybean enzyme hydrolyzed protein. Through the Ministry of Science and Technology of the National Torch Plan industrialization demonstration project 1, Guangdong province scientific and technological achievements appraisal 2, more than 60 national authorized patent technology. Some of our products have been rated as national high-tech products, national key new products, Famous brand products of Guangdong Province, independent innovation products of Guangdong Province, etc.

Heap biological importance of production-study-research cooperation between higher vocational colleges, teaching practice base was set up in south China agricultural university, anhui university of antibacterial peptide research center, sichuan agricultural university animal medicine microecology doctor workstation, henan university teaching practice base in college of life science, agricultural ZhongKai shihezi university school of engineering and production base, etc., and employ well-known experts and scholars as consultants, In the raw material pre-digestion technology in the domestic leading position. Xipu biological sales network throughout the country, and exported to the United States, South Korea, Taiwan, the European Union, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. As a pre-digested raw material manufacturer, Hipp biology purifies the human food chain from its source and aspires to become a globally respected biotechnology company.